Friday, May 31, 2019

week 7 passion project

This is my  week 7 passion project blog post. Next Friday i am going to present my passion project. l´m excited for everyone's presentations. Its going to be cool seeing what everyone has been working on for the past 7 weeks. I hope everyone is going to like my presentation.

I have learned a lot when we did this project. One thing is improving my grit. I will admit i do not have good grit. but that is something i am trying to improve in. I think this is a really good project idea. It is fun and you learn.

I hope i can channel my inner grit and continue to work on my violin skills. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

week 6

This is my week 6 passion project blog post. To be honest I don't know what to do for this blog post. As a result it may be shorter then the ones I have done in the past.

I do feel a bit nervous to play my video for the class. I feel this way because we already have a very skilled violinist in the class, and they MIGHT compare me to this other student. But as each day goes by my nerves have been going down bit by bit. If i was told to present something like this a few months ago, I probably would have died! A few months ago I only felt comfortable with around 4(maybe a bit less) kids in the class. But now i feel comfortable with the majority of the people.

I have decided that I will be bringing my violin into the class. I might play a few notes and then I will be showing a video. In my video it will have multiple little clips of me playing over these weeks and it should show how I have improved. Or that's just an idea.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

week five blog post

THis is my week five blog post.(if you didn't know my passion is learning to play the violin.)I've been practicing  the violin a lot lately. My parents are going to be away this weekend so i'll be playing A LOT then. I've changed up my schedule a bit. I'm going to e practicing on Tuesday and Thursday. The reason why i'm changing it to those days are because my stepmom is away working those days. So then I won't be bothering her with my sweet angelic play. LOL. I'll also be practicing on the weekends. And maybe if I have some spare time i'll play on days that jenny is home during the week. But i'll have to play in my garage.

These next few weeks i'll need to figure out how I want to present my passion project. I'll also need to figure out what I'd want to present in it. I've been working on making it sound less bad when I play. But I don't feel 100% comfortable presenting it in front of the class. I think i'd get nervous and mess up. Or maybe i'm a bit nervous to play for the other kids. I wonder how they would react. I wonder how the other student who already knows how to play the violin very well will think... I would like to bring the violin in to show the class tho.

I really like the idea of passion projects. It helps kids find something, or work on something that they are passionate about. It helps kids develop grit. And I think it's just a fun experience overall. But the thing I think I like most about passion projects is that I get to see all the other kids in my class get excited over something amazing that they have accomplished or they have made. And I think that's really cool. Like it's cool to see people get excited over something they have made and not get embarrassed over it. 

I'm tying to write/ think of something else to write, but i'm finding that a bit difficult today. I think i'm just been a bit distracted. A lot of stuff happened today so i'm finding it hard to think of passion projects when my mind is elsewhere.

So I guess this is all that i'm going to put:')

Thursday, May 9, 2019

week four blog post

Today  is fourth week for passion projects. Were halfway there. But I feel a bit unmotivated. I started feeling like this last week, I thought it might get better, but it hasn't yet. If someone has any suggestions i'd be more then happy to hear them. I only practiced once this week instead of two times. Since I didn't practice Monday like I was supposed to, i'm going to practice today when I get home.

Looking at the time we have left, I know I won't have time to learn a song on the violin. And because of that I think that I might just have a video, of me playing the instrument. And not do a live performance in class. But i'm still not a 100% on that.

I think i might even need to practice more then twice a week. So i'll try the best I can with that.

I hope that next week I can feel i bit more motivated to practice. Because I can't feel unmotivated right now. I have to get grit for this. The websites down below are from wikihow. They are almost the same but are slightly different. I've looked at both sites a few times and they have been very helpful. 


Thursday, May 2, 2019

week three passion project

This is my week three blog post. This week for the passion projects aren't going as well as last week but, its not going terribly. I feel like i'm kind of stuck trying to get the notes right on the violin. I'm going to keep practicing, and watching videos to get better.

One of my challenges that I was thought was going to happen already happened. I thought that i was going to get frustrated with the instrument and I wouldn't want to play it anymore. This is somewhat happening to me. I'm getting frustrated with the instrument but, I don't want to quit just yet. I'm going to talk with my sister today, and ask for her help trying to get the notes right.

I'm also trying to find a piece of music to play. I still have not decided on what song i'm going to play.

Down below will be a link for a few videos I've watched on youtube already.


Thursday, April 25, 2019

week two passion project

This is my week two passion project blog. This second week on the passion projects are going really well for me. I've picked an idea. My idea for my passion project is to learn the violin. I think learning this new instrument could be a really cool skill for me in the future.

 I tried playing one of the violins that I have at my home. I was underestimating how hard this would actually be. The music that I made wasn't very loud and it didn't sound very good. I watched a few videos last night of people playing the violin so I could get a feel for the music. If done correctly(which I am not) it's sounds really nice. But I plan to keep practicing. I plan to practice at least two days a week. I think i'll practice on Fridays and Mondays after school.

 After I did my 60 second pitch there was a few comments made by my peers. One question that i got was, if I could take song requests. Or if I was either doing a modern song, or a jazz song. I think I might do some classical music. If I have time I might do a modern song.

For my next few blogs I think i'll be doing a vlog. For my subject I think it would be a lot easier to do a vlog. It might be hard to write about what the instrument sounds like.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

passion project

This is my blog. In this blog I'm going to be talking about my passion project. I still have not picked one but I am in the middle of picking between two different options.